The power of street food, Tom Parker Bowles writes for the Mail on Sunday

One of the ‘Overtures’ (or starters to you and me) at Ella Canta, a new high-end Mexican restaurant in The Intercontinental, Park Lane, is ‘Nationalistic’ guacamole. Which immediately makes one think of furious avocados, fists aloft and wrapped in the national flag, stomping down the Paseo de La Reforma, screaming ‘Donald Trump hijo de puta!’tpb food


Ask Tanya Byron: My sister refuses to get help for her mental illness – from The Times


Q I believe my sister has bipolar disorder and possibly other personality disorders, but I am struggling to get help for her because she doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with her. Her doctor won’t talk to my mother, who is her carer and in her eighties, about it. My sister is in her fifties and the time is coming when one of her siblings will need to take over as carer, but we have no idea how to approach this.

Idler Book of the Week: THE UNEXPECTED TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS by Lucy Cooke


People say, what’s in a name? Well, quite a lot when it is a synonym for a deadly sin. The poor old sloth was damned from the moment it was branded with one of the world’s most wicked transgressions – a pretty damaging public relations blow by anyone’s standard. But even before the sloth acquired its infamous tag, its inscrutable nature inspired some of the harshest words ever heaped upon an animal. This was an especially low blow for an animal that is not exactly bothering mankind, but is a quiet vegetarian pacifist – the original tree-hugger, no less – simply trying to live a tranquil life in the forests of Central and South America.