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New series presented by Alex Langlands, ‘Viking Invasion: Digging Up Britain’s Past’ airs tomorrow, 5th Jan, Ch.5, 8pm 

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Tune in to see Alex Langlands, Helen Skelton and a team of archeologists explore fascinating periods in British history through an archaeological dig.

The first episode explores the island of Lindisfarne, where archaeologists are trying to locate the site of an eighth-century monastery. Among their finds is a graveyard and numerous skeletons…

“Before Glitter and Glue Sticks, ‘Craeft'” – Alexander Langlands in the New York Times

As daily life becomes increasingly virtual, it might seem like a paradox that making things by hand is suddenly big business. Stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby feature aisle after crowded aisle of sequins, tassels, imported papers, chenille stems and pompoms. Etsy, the e-commerce platform for selling homemade goods, features nearly two million active sellers serving 30 million eager buyers. Busy creators produce one-offs using 3-D printers in “maker spaces” at major research universities as well as your neighborhood’s progressive elementary school. All this activity was worth $44 billion last year, according to the Association for Creative Industries, a group that was once, in cozier times, known as the Craft and Hobby Association. Part therapy, part self-expression, our homely obsession with crafts is poised to take over the world.

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