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Ella Al-Shamahi presents episode of Body Clock — What Makes Us Tick? (BBC2, 9pm)

On Thursday, 11th October at 9pm, this BBC Two show will explore what governs our daily, biological rhythms – and Ella Al-Shamahi is on a mission to find out how we can manage this internal clock better.

Ella will test the latest thinking on how we can manage our body clocks better. She locks former commando Aldo Kane in an abandoned nuclear bunker, without the ability to check the time. Monitored around the clock by a team of scientists, he carries out tests to uncover exactly what makes our body clock tick.


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Ella Al-Shamahi Talks Life and Comedy – Hush Blog

Paleoanthropologist, National Geographic explorer, Neanderthal specialist, archaeologist and stand-up comedian… Ella Al-Shamahi’s career so far sounds like the start of a great joke, but fossil hunting in hostile, unstable regions of the world can often be far from funny. Luckily Ella has a knack at communicating science through comedy and using it as a way to cope with the darker side of her day job…

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