‘Ask the Doctor’ – An evening with Dr Chatterjee and friends

LOBE Medical and Clinical Education present their first ever public event, ‘Effective ways to work with your GP to get the health outcomes you need’, on Friday 19th January, 7.30pm – 9.30pm at County Hall in London. Tickets will include a signed copy of Dr Chatterjee’s book ‘The Four Pillar Plan’ and access to three prominent opinion leaders in Lifestyle Medicine.

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Taxi for Reid: Rory tests London’s new plug-in black cab – Top Gear Magazine

‘You’re testing a taxi. Seriously?

Not ‘a taxi’. This is arguably ‘THE taxi.’ The world’s second most iconic cab (after the NY yellow cab) has had a long overdue refresh, and it’s a good ‘un. It’s the LEVC TX eCity, a new black cab for London.

This model has been built fresh from the ground up with new looks and a new part electric powertrain that should make this the most comfortable, efficient, and nicest London cab ever designed. You’ll probably never drive one, but there’s a strong chance you’ll sit in the back of one, so just pay attention alright?’

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Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo’s perfect recipes – The Telegraph

‘”I don’t like Christmas cake. I used to eat the marzipan and the icing and leave the rest,” admits ­Sophie Faldo. The Great British Bake Off 2017 winner is looking further afield for Christmas baking inspiration.

Here, she shares her recipes for Italian pandoro, Bavarian stollen filled with marzipan (an ingredient she can’t resist at this time of year), and an ode to France in the form of a bûche de Noël.’

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‘Speaking at the Brewers Congress in London on Monday, brewer Jaega Wise said she wanted to survey female drinkers to see what was and was not acceptable.

“There are a whole list of things the industry can do,” she said. Wise said she has come up with three practical ways to improve the status of women in the beer industry in 2018, including banning sexist beer labels, stricter advertising standards and a call for more information about female brewers.’

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Angel’s French Fairytale – Belfast Telegraph

“Every little girl dreams of living in a castle with fairy-tale turrets and little Angel Adoree was no different. The feisty copper-maned, vintage-clad entrepreneur has been renovating Chateau de la Motte Husson, a 19th-century cha- teau located in the Pays de la Loire, France, with her regally mustached husband Dick Strawbridge for the past two and a half years.”

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The power of street food, Tom Parker Bowles writes for the Mail on Sunday

One of the ‘Overtures’ (or starters to you and me) at Ella Canta, a new high-end Mexican restaurant in The Intercontinental, Park Lane, is ‘Nationalistic’ guacamole. Which immediately makes one think of furious avocados, fists aloft and wrapped in the national flag, stomping down the Paseo de La Reforma, screaming ‘Donald Trump hijo de puta!’tpb food


Ask Tanya Byron: My sister refuses to get help for her mental illness – from The Times


Q I believe my sister has bipolar disorder and possibly other personality disorders, but I am struggling to get help for her because she doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with her. Her doctor won’t talk to my mother, who is her carer and in her eighties, about it. My sister is in her fifties and the time is coming when one of her siblings will need to take over as carer, but we have no idea how to approach this.