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Sophie Laurimore is an agent with 20 years' experience. She worked at two of the world’s largest and most respected agencies. After ten years at Peters Fraser & Dunlop, she took her client list with her to William Morris and there gained additional experience representing production companies and formats in America.

Sophie launched Factual Management in 2009 enabling her to focus on the representation of exceptionally talented factual television Presenters. 2016 saw the launch of Factual Digital, a division which will dedicate itself to nurturing online talent who produce superb content.

In 2017, Factual Management joined forces with Lucas Alexander Whitley (LAW) Literary Agency, significantly expanding FM's expertise in the literary market. Together, we use our complementary skills and imagination to find the widest range of exciting projects for our clients.

Factual Management and Factual Digital’s clients are diverse and unique but they all share something in common, they communicate their field of passion with absolute genius and 100% authenticity. Be they presenting a full scale blue chip documentary series on BBC2 or slashing a blue rubber doll to bits with their home crafted Wolverine Claws.

Carina Rizvi joined as an Agent in 2015 having spent over four years working in talent management for a theatrical agency. Carina is a law graduate, with a background in factual television development and has worked on current affairs programmes including Dispatches for Channel 4 and in print journalism. Prior to pursuing talent management, Carina worked for Women in Film and Television and award winning production companies including Blakeway Productions and Brook Lapping Productions.

Toby Harris - read International Relations at the University of St Andrews. During his final year, he co-wrote/produced a thirty-minute film (to be released later this year). He then went on to work for an east London-based business and lifestyle magazine before deciding to work in talent management. 

Jamie Denning - studied Marketing, Advertising and PR at university in Birmingham. Growing up he always had a strong interest in the entertainment world. Upon finishing his studies and travelling he came back to London to pursue a career in Talent Management after a brief stint in theatre production.


Factual Management is a member of the Personal Managers' Association (PMA)