Jaega Wise Joins Evening Standard’s Progress 1000

Having launched Walthamstow’s Wildcard Brewery in 2012, Jaega is at the forefront of London’s craft beer revolution. The Brewery supplies many of London’s top bars and restaurants, and they’ve just signed a deal with Tesco to bring their world class Queen of Diamonds IPA to the masses.

Jaega also earned her place on the list for being vocal about sexual discrimination in the male-dominated world of brewing, where she leads the charge against patronising and offensive beer labels.


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Michael Mosley presents Horizon’s, The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body?

Our client, Dr Michael Mosley embarks on the largest ever investigation into the placebo effect, as he explores whether fake pills have the power to cure us from some of our most common medical complaints.

Michael heads to Blackpool to gather 117 people who suffer with backache before trying to treat them with fake pills and the power of the mind.

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Ella Al-Shamahi presents episode of Body Clock — What Makes Us Tick? (BBC2, 9pm)

On Thursday, 11th October at 9pm, this BBC Two show will explore what governs our daily, biological rhythms – and Ella Al-Shamahi is on a mission to find out how we can manage this internal clock better.

Ella will test the latest thinking on how we can manage our body clocks better. She locks former commando Aldo Kane in an abandoned nuclear bunker, without the ability to check the time. Monitored around the clock by a team of scientists, he carries out tests to uncover exactly what makes our body clock tick.


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Neil Oliver’s third Series of Coast NZ receives rave review

“After three seasons of Coast New Zealand, most reasonable TV watchers will surely agree: Neil is the best Oliver…

“Every episode leaves you wanting more. He’s there at the start, to set the tone with his opening monologue, and at the end to bid us cheerio. But in between vast chunks of the show are presented by other people – engaging academics and popular local experts like geologist Hamish Campbell and marine biologist (slash professional stuntwoman) Jacky Geurts.”


“Each episode just about manages to fit a full school day’s syllabus in a broadcast hour. There’s always plenty of geography and history.”

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And you can watch Coast New Zealand on TVNZ on Demand right here.

Dr Sara Kayat accompanies Dr Christian on W Channel’s, ’12 Hours To Cure Your Street’

Our very talented client Dr Sara Kayat will accompany Dr Christian on UKTV’s,12 Hours To Cure Your Street, as they travel across the UK in a fully functional mobile clinic to treat individuals in their hometowns. Unaware of what symptoms and conditions they’ll be faced with, they’ll be racing against the clock in the attempt to do as many house calls and appointments within a 12-hour shift.


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Ella Al-Shamahi is featured in The Times to discuss BBC2’s, ‘Neanderthals – Meeting Your Ancestors’

Our lovely client, Ella Al-Shamahi was featured on the front page of The Times yesterday. The Times 2 headline says it all: “The new star of Sunday night TV”. Their words but we agree, of course.

This two-part series airs Sunday, 13th & 20th May on BBC Two at 8pm.

Ella Al Shamahi, explorer Photographed in studio for the Times  Newspaper by Sarah Cresswell

Ella Al Shamahi, explorer Photographed in studio for the Times Newspaper by Sarah Cresswell

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